Microscopic Dentistry

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Microscopic dentistry uses very high levels of magnification to diagnosis and treat patients. Enhanced dentistry Beverly Hills(or microdentistry) allows Dr. Khodadadi to see tiny details that are simply impossible to visualize with the naked eye or loupes, glasses with magnification in the lenses. Less than one percent of general dentists use microscopes to perform examinations.

Dr. Khodadadi has selected Beverly Hills Zeiss operating microscopes  that give a clear, magnified perspective. This enlarged 3D image facilitates a more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. Greater visual acuity with the surgical microscope's wide range of magnification, and bright illumination, removes a lot of guess work that can take place with "eyes only" dentistry. Because many fractures and cavities are too difficult to see with the naked eye or loupes, the microscope allows Dr. Soheil Khodadadi to spot the fine dividing line between healthy and unhealthy situations.

Remember this one important point -- the better Dr. Khodadadi at Dental Group of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA. can see when he is doing your root canal treatment, the greater the probability of the root canal treatment being successful.

The Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED) has done much to promote the benefits of microscopes and you are welcome to visit their site for more information

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