In-House Dental Laboratory

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ADental Group of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA. we realize the importance of technology. By providing a Beverly Hills in-house dental laboratory that is capable of producing all types of dental work to fit many of our Los Angeles patients needs, we are able to produce beautiful and customized cosmetic dental results that shows in the quality of work that is produced. Dental Group of Beverly Hills not only offer all of the various dental specialties under one roof such as veeners, full restorations, crowns, inlay and onlays, but Under One Roof.

The dental technology used our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles dental offices are the latest all-ceramic, as well as CAD Cam and digital computer milled technologies, all done under microscopes and high magnifications to make certain of the fit and precision of your caps and bridges, prior to ever having them inserted in your mouth.

There are Many Advantages of In-House Dental Laboratory

  • Dr. Khodadadi works closely with our Beverly Hills in-house lab to ensure quality control from the start of the procedure to the end result during the patient's dental treatment.

  • Fast and Efficient turnaround time for those having limited time schedules.

  • Continued personalized service including instant correction and adjustment (if necessary) during your dental treatment and maintenance afterward.

  • Beverly Hills CEREC restoration services produced by our lab - CEREC 3D allows your cosmetic dental work to be completed in just one appointment. From simple fillings, inlays to partial crowns, full crowns to veneers, CEREC delivers results that patients will be happy with, all in a single visit.

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