Comprehensive Dentistry

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The Dental Group of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA.  is  at the cutting-edge of Beverly Hills cosmetic dental procedures and Dr. Khodadadi's precise cosmetic dental skills are world-renowned. Many of our patients choose our office to address and treat their varying concerns and dental needs such as dental health maintenance of their teeth and gums as well as  cosmetic dental treatments including veneers, sedation dentistry, dental implants, soft tissue laser, whitening and Beverly Hills Invisalign. In an effort to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with our patients, we have made a commitment to take the time to listen so that the Beverly Hills Dental Group  may better understand each patient’s wants and needs, and help them to be as healthy as they choose to be. 

We at Dental Group of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA are committed to comprehensive dental care which has helped our patients achieve a better quality of life. Because we believe that treating the whole patient with complete dental care as apposed to individual tooth care, we are able to preserve tooth structure and avoid treatments that fix problem areas as a last means. We always encourage our patients to take an active approach to progressing to a higher level of dental care when they are ready to do so.


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