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Give Back a Smile Program - The AACD Foundation

Mission Statement: Restore a smile, restore a life.

Dr. Soheill Khodadadi, DMD at Dental Group of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA. has been proud to be a participating dentist in the Give Back a Smile program for many years. This program, which helps raise awaremess of victims of domestic abuse, aims to do so by fixing the survivors teeth at no charge. His philosophy and positivity stems from the belief that in giving back to the community with our gifts we can truly appreciate our lives and feel enriched.

The Give Back a Smile program is a charitable foundation of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a prominent national dental association committed to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation (AACDCF), the Give Back a Smile program is dedicated to providing cosmetic dental care at no cost to survivors of domestic violence by:

  • Raising awareness
  • Providing volunteer members of the AACD
  • Giving survivors hope for a better tomorrow

How the Program Works                       

Volunteer dentists and laboratory technicians agree to restore the broken and damaged teeth in the smile zone of survivors of intimate partner violence. Survivors know that bruises and scars will fade but broken and missing teeth will not. Our generous Beverly Hills dentists erase the memories of abuse by restoring the smiles at no cost to the survivor thereby restoring their lives.


Both men and women who have received injuries from a former partner or spouse are eligible for the Give Back a Smile program. Give Back a Smile is only responsible for correcting injuries to teeth as a result of domestic violence. A volunteer dentist will perform an exam to finalize entry into the program and rule out other causes, such as previous neglect.

To meet the Give Back a Smile program's requirements, individuals must have been out of an abusive relationship for at least a year. Survivors are required to provide proof of domestic abuse, such as a signature from a counselor, social worker or case manager. Potential patients must fill out an application and undergo an interview process prior to being matched with a participating dentist who will make the final decision on the applicant's acceptance into the program.

Additional Fundraising Opportunities

This fundraiser was developed as an additional way volunteer dentists can support the AACDCF. Ultradent Products, Inc. and Discus Dental have agreed to donate whitening kits to volunteer dentists. The recent establishment of the Give Back a Smile Whitening Program allows everyone to give back and help heal the effects of domestic violence while whitening their smiles. Ultradent Products, Inc. and Discus Dental, Inc., the makers of the Opalescence® and Beverly Hills Zoom!® teeth whitening systems, respectively, have agreed to donate whitening kits to volunteer dentists. The dental office then offers the whitening kits to their patient for a donation to the AACDCF. These funds go directly to supporting the programs of the AACDCF. This brilliant program allows dentists, patients, and the sponsoring companies an opportunity to restore lives.

For a list of participating providers, contact the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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You may apply online at, call their hotline at (800) 773-GBAS (4227) or send an e-mail to



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