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THE APEX Program - Mentoring Dental Students for Success Boston University

Goldman School of Medicine

From 2005 up until the present time, Dr. Soheil Khodadadi DMD at Dental Group of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA. has taken an active and vital role as a mentoring dentist in the APEX Mentoring ProgramIt is because of this dedication his students and to the field of dentistry that Dr. Khodadadi, has consecutively been awarded The Certificate of Appreciation For Outstanding Dedication to The APEX Program.

The APEX Program, located at Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Unique Programs, offers students the opportunity to function as dental interns in affiliated dental practices. This exposure helps prepare students for managing a dental practice. Its curriculum is noted for the APEX program (Professional Applied Experience) providing students with practical experience at a dental practice as part of its clinical training. BUSDM is also noted for its research facilities and is ranked fifth in Oral/Dental research in the nation. The dental school has about 115 students per class.

Ten APEX offices have been with the program since its inception 20 years ago and those offices received special recognition for being stalwart supporters of the program and for providing valuable feedback.

 "The APEX mentors share their knowledge and skills with our students, truly enhancing the School's curriculum," said Director of APEX and Extramural Programs Dr. Michelle Henshaw. "They are mentors in the truest sense of the word. They ensure that we graduate not only competent clinical dentists, but also compassionate health care providers who are a credit to our profession."

"We know that entering dental students consistently rank APEX as one of the top reasons they chose to attend GSDM and because of that the APEX program has grown to be an integral part of the curriculum at our School," said Dean Jeffrey Hutter. "The lynchpin of this program is, of course, our outstanding APEX mentors. Since its inception, these gifted teachers and mentors have been true partners in the education of our students and I sincerely appreciate their dedication and commitment to bringing excellence to our School."


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